We have three sizes of orders that can be placed: Note: We also do customized orders

Petite  -   Feeds about 2 to 4 people

Regular - Feeds about  4 to 8 people

Grande - Feeds about 8 to 12 people

Note: The taco salad is sized differently

These prices do not include taxes

 Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Stew*

Petite $35

2.5 lbs of stew with rice and cucumber/tomato salad
Regular $60

5 lbs of stew with rice and cucumber/tomato salad

Grande $85

8 lbs of stew with rice and cucumber/tomato salad

* Stew made with sweet potatoes, chick peas,mushrooms,peppers, onions, coconut milk and a variety of spices


Petite size not available for this dish

Regular $60

11x9x2.5 pan of lasagna which includes:
10 dinner rolls with non-dairy butter or salad

Grande $85
18x10x3 pan of lasagna which includes:

16 dinner rolls with non-dairy butter or salad

* This lasagna is made with pasta, seasoned homemade
tomato based sauce, mushrooms, chopped broccoli, soy crumbles, homemade ricotta and cashew cheese.


Mama's Brunch

Petite $35

2.5 lbs of breakfast scramble which includes -potatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, scrambled veg-egg,soy or seitan sausage and seasonings. Comes with 5 zucchini muffins or classic biscuits

(add gravy $3.00)

Regular $60

5 lbs of  breakfast scramble (same ingredients) with 10 zucchini muffins or 10 classic biscuits (add gravy $5.00)

Grande $85
8 lbs pan of breakfast scramble - same ingredients
Comes with 20 zucchini muffins or 20 classic biscuits (add gravy for $7.00)

Taco or Burrito Bar

Petite size not available for this dish

Regular $65

Grande $95

People can make themselves tacos, a burrito or a bowl.
There will be various sizes of pans that will contain;
seasoned ground crumbles, black or refried beans, white rice, guacamole, lettuce, diced tomatoes or homemade salsa, soy sour cream, Mix of large flour tortillas and small corn tortillas - Bowls will be supplied with this order at no extra charge.

Mac and Cheese Dinner

Petite $35

2.5 lbs of baked mac and cheese (cashew based), 18 oz steamed broccoli, 18 oz corn

Regular $60

5 lbs pan of baked mac and cheese (cashew based), 3 lbs  steamed broccoli, 3 lbs corn

Grande  $85

8 lbs of baked mac and cheese (cashew based), 5 lbs steamed broccoli, 5 lbs corn


Note: All soup orders includes dinner rolls, oyster crackers and non-dairy butter, may substitute dinner rolls for salad

Petite $25 (32 oz)includes 5 dinner rolls

Regular $45 (64 oz)includes 10 rolls

Grande $75 ( 96 oz) includes 16 rolls

Choice of:
Fall Bisque (GF)

Traditional Chili (GF)
Vegetable Soup (GF)

Chick'n Noodle Soup

Seasonal Fruit Tray* 

Petite     $15 (24 oz)

Regular  $25 ( 3 lbs)

Grande  $45(6 lbs)

*Prices are subject to fluctuate depending
  on the price of fruit


Extra dinner rolls: $1.00 (each)
Extra soy butter: $3.00 (for 4 oz)


6-Layer Taco Salad with Tortilla Chips

Petite $45 - feeds about 4 to 8
9x8x2.5 pan
Regular $65 - feeds about 8 to 12
13x9x2.5 pan

Grande $85 - feeds about 12 to 18

18x10x3 pan

Layers from the bottom up. Taco seasoned ground soy
crumbles. refried beans, chopped lettuce, homemade
guacamole, non-dairy sour cream, mix of green onions, and diced tomatoes on top.

Sandwich or Wrap Tray

Petite $35

Includes 6 four inch sandwiches or wraps and chips.

Regular $60

Includes 12 four inch sandwiches or wraps and chips.

Grande $ 105
Includes 24 four inch sandwiches or wraps and chips.(may have a mix of sandwiches and wraps)

Tamurkey - Made with homemade smoked and baked tofu slices, lettuce, tomato and red onion. Includes mustard,
pickles and vegan mayo on the side.

Mediterranean - Grilled peppers, red onions, garlic and
mushrooms, with roasted-red pepper hummus and sliced

Mama's Soul Food

Petite $55

24 oz of Southern Fried chik'n

24 oz of mac and cheese

1 lb of sweet potatoes

1 lb of collard greens or green beans

5 cornbread muffins with butter


Regular $95

3 lbs of Southern Fried chik'n

3 lbs of mac and cheese

2 lbs of sweet potatoes

2 lbs of collard greeens or green beans

10 cornbread muffins with butter


Grande $185

6 lbs of Southern Fried chik'n

6 lbs of mac and cheese

4 lbs of sweet potatoes

4 lbs of collard greeens or green beans

24 cornbread muffins with butter

Salad (GF without the croutons)

Petite $15 

Regular 25

Grande $40

Made with mixed greens, shredded carrots, cucumbers,
tomatoes ,mandarin oranges and croutons  (may add
avocados for an extra charge) choose from Italian
or French dressing.

Desserts / Muffins / Breads

12 Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for: $15
12 Chocolate Chip Cookies: $20

12 Peanut Butter Cookies:$15 
13x9x2.5 Pan of Peach Cobbler: $25
12 Vanilla Cupcakes/ or 1 cake: $20
(white or chocolate buttercream icing)
12 Chocolate Cupcakes / or 1 cake: $25
(white or chocolate buttercream icing)

12 Red Velvet Cupcakes: $25

12 pumpkin/ or 1 cake Cupcakes: $25

(white buttercream icing)
Chocolate Mousse Pudding Pie: $25
(standard pie size)
German Apple Cake: $25

9x8x2.5 Cornbread: $15

6 corn muffins: $10   12 corn muffins: $20

Zucchini bread - 1 loaf:  $10 chocolate chips: $15

                        2  loaves: $20 chocolate chips: $25


A la Carte

Pan of baked sweet potatoes (5 lbs)   $35

Pan of baked mac and cheese(5 lbs)  $40

Pan of southern fried chick'n (3 lbs)     $30

                                      (5 lbs)     $45

Chickpea "toona" salad w/crackers (2 lbs)  $20

Potato Scramble (3 lbs) $25  (5 lbs) $40

 32 oz Sloppy Joes (with buns) $25 64 oz- $45

 Sausage gravy - $10 per 2 cups